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Breakthroughs to Brilliance

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Mental Cleanse with Andy Goddard

Do you have any stressful relationships? Who pushes your buttons to the max?

doTERRA is a relationships business. But how often do you work on your core relationships? Did you know you can heal those relationships by cleansing your mind?

Come release the stress from these relationships by doing The Work (4 questions created by Byron Katie) with Andy Goddard and start the year off right. If you can’t come to the live event, watch it via LIVESTREAM!

To learn more about The Work, visit – Byron Katie will NOT be at this event.

When: 9am to 12 pm, Saturday January 5th
Where: AromaTools in Orem
Register (for live or online):

Diamond Vision Training with Tiffany Peterson & Rachel Jones

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Hi Everyone!
Do you have your sites on a “Diamond Vision?”  Well we have the perfect training for you if so!
We only have one week left before this amazing event begins!  This is an unheard of price of $49.99!  But the value is so much more!!!!
Join us Friday, Dec. 7th, from 9-5!
Sandy, Utah Herbs for Health – Live streaming available at
Tiffany Peterson and Rachel Jones look forward to teaching and inspiring you to be a better leader and give you tools to reach the goals you are seeking in your doTERRA business!
Grab your seat today!
See you soon,
Thank you!
Tiffany Peterson with the Lighthouse Principles
& Rachel Jones a doTERRA Diamond

Info for European Leaders

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From Roger Duce, Director, Sales and Marketing – Europe:

We’ve just completed our tour with Dr. Hill and David Stirling and had great success in each of the meetings that we attended. I want to thank you all for your hard work in promoting the meetings. We had an outstanding turnout. Many people even traveled from outside their own country to attend the meetings. I am sure they are glad they made the trip.

We have had many questions regarding the promotions for this month. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we will have a webinar this Thursday to discuss the promotions for December and specifically this month’s feature product Frankincense Essential Oil.

We will also be sending out a newsletter either today or tomorrow with all of the updates. However, you can already be safe in the knowledge that the European promotions are exactly as they are shown in the virtual office this month. Our promotions are 100% in harmony with the US promotions.

Also, we wanted to remind you of the excellent holiday products that are available for ordering through the end of December. You can find a Holiday brochure in English on the website at the following link. For German and Hungarian languages, we also have a smaller version in your language that you can print and share with friends.

We’ve also created a brand new brochure that you can use to identify all of the new products that we have in Europe. There is even a special offer available in that which will allow you to not only get the fantastic new products, but also get the free Frankincense oil which is available as a promotion this month. This is a savings of well over 200€ in value. This information is available here

This kit is the ONLY way you can purchase the Hawaiian Sandalwood in Europe, and this means the kit is limited to only 200 kits. Hurry to order while supplies last.

Holiday Sale On “Emotions & Essential Oils”

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Now through December 19th, Enlighten is offering holiday discounts on all their doTERRA-specific products and more.  Below is some great information from Enlighten on their specials, as the latest edition of “Emotions and Essential Oil”:

  • FREE shipping on orders of $100+
  • 20% off books or CD’s when purchasing 5+
  • $4 off book & CD combo sets

Please visit their website to see all holiday sales!

  • Don’t miss out on purchasing the already discounted new book Emotions & Essential Oils at even lower holiday sale prices, before it reverts to its normal price point of $17, starting January 1st.
  • Each book comes with a complementary bookmark listing do?TERRA oil blends. See sample image below and go to our website ( )  to get a free downloadable version of this bookmark!
  • This sale gives you the same price as our regular bulk pricing of up to 74 books!
  • Also Emotions & Essential Oils Audio Lecture: The Five Stages of Healing has great ideas on how to host your own class!

Clarifying details on our new books:

In the past few months Enlighten has published two new books. The first we call our “universal” book: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, which covers a large range of oils and is the second edition of our original book(it has an orange cover). Second, by request, we have also published a book that only includes the doTERRA oils and blends entitled: Emotions & Essential Oils (green cover). We are sorry if publishing both of these books at about the same time has caused confusion for any of you. Let us try to clear up some of the confusion now.

Before we printed these two new books, we were asked by doTERRA (according to their new trademark protection policies) to not include any of their official blend names in our books. We were happy to comply with this request (like so many others are also doing). So, to help our readers with this, we have created a bookmark that matches up the sub- titles used for each oil, with its official blend name. If you don’t already have it, please download it now for free. We hope this brings more clarity and ease in using the book in your businesses. (A bookmark is also included with each book purchased.)

How to Get Holiday Joy for FREE + 10% Off Wintergreen

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Infuse more joy into your holiday celebrating with the December doTERRA Product of the Month: Holiday Joy!  By ordering a Loyalty Rewards order of 125 PV or more before December 14, you’ll receive a FREE Holiday Joy blend, as well as a keepsake dolomite ornament.

This festive, limited-time blend of wild orange, nutmeg, pine needle, cassia, cinnamon bark, and vanilla will help all who enter your home embrace and relish in the holiday spirit.

The dolomite ornament serves as a great way to add a bit of christmas magic. Simply add a few drops of your chosen doTERRA oil and the aroma lingers in the air. Try adding 3 drops of White Fir to your dolomite ornament to give an artificial Christmas tree the scent of a real tree!

Wintergreen is Natalie Goddard’s FAVORITE breath freshener.  Simply use 1 drop of Wintergreen on the tongue in the place of gum.

December doTERRA Special: save 10% on Wintergreen essential oil

Physical Healing:
  • Arthritic pain, bone pain, bone spurs, cartilage injury, dandruff, frozen shoulder, joint pain, muscle development, muscle tone, pain, rotator cuff (sore) – from Modern Essentials
Emotional Healing:

How to Get Frankincense for FREE in December

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During the month of December, all orders over 200PV qualify to receive a free 15mL frankincense essential oil.

For full details on how to claim your free 15mL Frankincense this month, click here:

Why Frankincense?

Physical Attributes:

  • Alzheimer’s disease, aneurysm, arthritis, asthma, balance, brain aging/injury, breathing, cancer, coma, concussion, confusion, coughs, depression, fibroids, genital warts, hepatitis, immune system support, improve vision, infected wounds, inflammation, liver cirrhosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, memory, mental fatigue, miscarriage (after), moles, MRSA, Multiple Sclerosis, nasal polyp, Parkinson’s disease, plague, postpartum depression, scarring (prevention), tumor (lipoma), ulcers, uterus tissue regeneration, virus of nerves, warts, wrinkles – from Modern Essentials

Emotional Attributes:

  • “Frankincense is the oil of truth, revealing deceptions and false truths. It invites the individual to let go of lower vibrations, lies, and negativity. This oil helps create new perspectives based on light and truth. Frankincense recalls to memory spiritual understanding, gifts, wisdom and knowledge the soul brought into the world. It is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness. Frankincense assists in pulling the “scales of darkness” from the eyes, the barriers from the mind, and the walls from the heart. Through connecting the soul with its inner light, this oil reveals the truth. Addresses emotions of abandonment, spiritually disconnected, distant from father, unprotected.” from Emotions & Essential Oils by Enlighten

Maximize these generous gifts to receive Holiday Joy, the Keepsake Ornament, AND 15 ml Frankincense all for FREE with a 200PV LRP order placed before December 14th. Call 800-411-8151 or visit to place your order.

Top 25 Resources

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Websites: – Your Virtual Back Office – Training, Forum, Community – Product information pages & doTERRA created tools – Search for the scientific research on specific oils)

Usage Tools:

Modern Essentials 4th Edition:

Emotional Healing Books: (doTERRA specific book, coming)

Spanish : Modern Essential:

Chinese:  Modern Essentials

Japanese:  Modern Essentials:

Gel Capsules:

Oil Cookbook:

Hardbound Oil Case(great for on the go):

Wood Oil Case (great for home):

Soft Oil Cases(great for in the purse or at home):

Sharing Tools:

Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils:

Medicine Cabinet Makeover Handouts:

Choose a Kit Tearpads:

Welcome Brochure:

Sample Cap Stickers: with your LRP order at

CPTG Brochure: with your LRP order at

Sample Vials

Success System


Business Cards: or


Making the First Circle Work:–October-Book_p_264.html

The Slight Edge:–The-Slight-Edge_p_263.html

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership–21-Irrefutable-Laws_p_261.html

Mach 2 With Your Hair on Fire–Mach-II-With-Your-Hair-On-Fire_p_657.html

Start with Why–Start-with-Why_p_815.html


The 5 Stages of Healing: or

Tiffany Peterson Sales Mastery

Getting Things Done

Loving What Is

doTERRA /Return or Customer Support:

(801) 615-7200

(800) 411-8151

Support Hours: 8am – 5pm MT M-F, Sat. 8am-2pm MT

Product Support:

Power Calls with Diamonds:

*Mentoring, with Allyse Sedivy: at 8:30 a.m. MST, M-F,  Live call #: 712-432-1001, Access Code: 471923846.

Recorded call #: 712-432-1011, Access Code: 471923846#. (These calls will change on a daily basis.)

* Success Coaching with Tiffany Peterson & Natalie Goddard Wed. Morning Coaching call: Wednesday mornings

8:30MST/9:30CST/10:30EST call: 530.881.1000

code: 253979#

*Dr. Sue Lawton’s – Essential Oil of the week conference call:

12 Noon MDT on Wednesdays. Listen live: Dial 712-775-7000 and when prompted enter access code 164403# Join us LIVE with Q & A to follow and invite guests if you like. Or listen to recorded calls and see corresponding handouts here.


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Click here for Success Training:

Dream Builders

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“I had the privelege of visiting Bermuda recently with doTERRA owners and top distributors. On the last evening there, Emily Wright invited us to walk to the ocean’s edge, write our dreams on a paper lantern, light it, and launch it over the water. As I held the marker in my hand, I asked myself what my dream was. I thought of my my marriage, my family, and our doTERRA business. Then it came. I opened the marker and wrote, “To make a hundred dreams come true.” I lit the candle under the lantern, then watched as it lifted out of my hands and into the sky.”
“In our doTERRA journey, our favorite part isn’t achieving our own success, but helping others reach their dreams. At our third convention, we partied (and cried) at the end of the red carpet as we welcomed the Garretts, Jacobs, and Bybees as brand new Diamonds.”  -Andy Goddard


DreamBuilders are leaders who want to lift others, providing tools, trainings, etc. to show the way. We believe in the power of dreams. Our mission is to support you in making your dreams come true.


We invite you to dream. Give yourself permission to dream big and believe in the power of your dreams.